Friday, January 29, 2010

Japanese second hand sporting goods: cheaper than renting

A quandary:

So we want to give snowboarding a try. There's a bus that will take us straight to the resort so that's no problem. The problem is that renting a snowboard setup costs about $40 whereas buying a decent looking board complete with boots and bindings at the second hand store a couple of miles from us costs only $25. We have no idea if we're going to enjoy snowboarding enough to ever do it again. WHAT DO WE DO?


  1. Hi Greg & Andrea - $25 sounds good, because you can always resell them and get something back if you don't want them again.

    Joel finally told me about your blog over the holidays & I have enjoyed it, but hadn't let you know it yet. We had a good holiday with Grandma at Clark's, Phil too.

    Hope its not too brutal of a winter. We're having an El Nino here in California.

    Best to you, Sarah