Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indoor thoughts on outdoor frigidity

Attention West Coast/Southwest people: you ain't got nothin' on us, weather-wise.

Not only do we have a bone-chilling snowstorm, we're also getting thunder and lightning. Fortunately, today is one of my days off, but in a few hours I'll go trudging through the foot-high piles of snow and slush that have accumulated on our street to Japanese class. Fun!

Though if you are reading this and live anywhere that's substantially colder/snowier (Colorado, etc.), I'll add that we have to go through the winter with no central heating or insulation. So suck on that!

What we do have in the way of staying warm is this:

Kerosene heater! This magical device makes things non-Arctic while indoors, all while emitting poisonous carbon monoxide fumes, requiring you to periodically open a door, window, or vent, thus sucking out all the accumulated hot air. Kinda defeats the purpose, but I'll take what I can get; we went through all of December without turning this sucker on, and that's not a mistake I intend to repeat!


  1. Heat is good. We had a kerosene heater for awhile when we lived in the country. Our place was so drafty we figured the carbon monoxide wouldn't be accumulating. Warm thoughts to you both.

  2. And what happened to the Flicker widget over there on the side? It seems to have been vaporized.

  3. The widget stopped working for no apparent reason :-( .

  4. We miss it. Maybe deleting the stupid thing and then reinstalling might work. Stay warm!