Saturday, January 23, 2010

Japanese movies, please

Some Japanese cinema weirdness for your consideration:

From the Academy Award winning studio that brought you Spirited Away comes a children's film about raccoon-dogs and their magical inflatable testicles that save the day:

Next up we have a film appropriately named Robgeisha. FRIED SHRIMP:

The question here isn't why are the buildings bleeding. I think the question here is why in other movies are the buildings not bleeding.

Finally, here's a movie I've come to appreciate more since working at a Japanese school. The plot of Battle Royale is that every year the government selects one poorly behaved class, ships them off to a deserted island, hands each student a deadly weapon, and informs them that only the last person standing will make it out alive. Lots of blood follows.

Perhaps the best thing about the movie is that every time one of the 42 students is killed, a counter appears so you can keep track of the score.

Yes, Japan has many excellent, more serious films, but it the end it's lowbrow weirdness that keeps me coming back for more.


  1. Oh my. I would have probably been a bit more stunned if I hadn't seen Eastern Promises last night. There's nothing like Russians and their violence - makes the Italian Mafia look like child's play.