Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saying Sayonara

The great around the world trip of 2011 has begun. It's been a rocky start. Did you know that the Japanese postal service refuses to ship laptops internationally? We sure didn't. Did you know that you need your personal stamp to transfer money to an American bank account? We sure didn't. Did you know our flight from Nagoya to Guanzhou, China had a stop in Shanghai? This is yet another of many things we did not know this weekend.

Laputa androidWe spent our final Japanese weekend in Tokyo. It was a mix of fun and last minute errand running. On Saturday we enjoyed an exhibit about animator Frederic Back and not one but two vegetarian Taiwanese meals. On Sunday we hit up the Ghibli animation museum. It's a really wonderful place with lots of fun animation toys to look at. I want to live there. On Monday we visited Nekorobi, a cat cafe in Ikebukuro. Much like our previous cat cafe experience, the cats were a bit on the neurotic side, but this place had a decidedly more relaxed vibe. Plus it had unlimited drinks and cookies. Greg managed to make a friend who was quite demanding of belly rubs. I was satisfied with managing to breathe.

cat and cat toys

Now we're sitting in the airport waiting to board our flight to Cambodia. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

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