Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maybe "Height-Impaired II" would've been a bit more sensitive

Japan is famous for its small, boxy cars, but inside they're generally not all that different from an American compact or subcompact.

On the other hand, this model, which I spotted on a car lot here in Kanazawa, takes the cake for space and size efficiency (if not style or sleekness):

What kind of name could this car have? What pithy noun or adjective could sum up this lime green... thing? Maybe something bland along the lines of Corolla, or possibly some kind of pun on the small size and higher efficiency of this kind of tiny, single-occupant vehicle?

Midget II. Yeah. Makes you wonder what Midget I looked like, or even if there was one; given the profound lack of disregard for coherency in English names and labels here, I wouldn't be surprised if Midget II was actually the first and only.

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  1. Wow- can you imagine driving that glorified kiddiecar on the freeways around Tokyo? Yikes! Of course, it,s perfect around the city., but you don't need a car in the city because public transportation in Japan is so great.
    A. Kathi