Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In which I talk about food...again....

The high school I work at has a rather massive farm in the back. Occasionally the agriculture students will come to the teacher's room and sell what they've grown. Because I'm so desperate to have the students like me I typically buy whatever they have whether I need it or not. This is how I ended up with nine persimmons. I ended up vegan-izing a baked persimmon pudding recipe and cooked it in the rice cooker.

One of the advantages of experimenting with foods I've never eaten before is that you can't tell how off the mark it is. I thought vegan rice cooker pudding was rather tasty.

Next we had to figure out what to do with chayote. I have no idea why they had chayote at my school. It's a Central American vegetable. Greg managed to make them into a quite lovely soup, though.

It's sort of fun that being here has led not only to experimenting a lot with Japanese foods, but to trying out interesting recipes from all over.


  1. You both are wonderful writers, each with a distinctive style. When the page first opens, I'm thinking Greg/Andrea, which will it be? That's one of the best parts of this blog? I'm never disappointed whether it's you or whether it's Greg.

    Do you ever tell your students what you make with their produce? With the harsh winters there in Kanazawa, I'm thinking the garden will be "put to bed". That's what my friend Lindy used to call it just about this time in Minneapolis. When she lived in California, she missed those off months when she was able to do other projects without feeling the guilt of not tending to the garden.

    Looking forward to your next post, LaValle

  2. I agree with LaValle- you are both really talented in many areas, and especially in writing! I think if you two continue to team up in the writing department like you have been, you will find great success! Keep up the good work!