Sunday, September 27, 2009

Okunoin cemetery

The main draw for us to go to Koyasan besides shojin ryori was Okunoin cemetery, Japan's largest. It's set on a beautiful hillside, surrounded by giant cedar trees.

As we tend to do, Greg and I went exploring off the beaten path. The further away you get from the crowds, the more broken and moss covered graves and statues you find.

You also find more mosquitos, spiders, and then I almost stepped on this guy:

We headed back to the main path after that. A few of the tombstones are fanciful, such as this blowfish one. Perhaps it's for someone who lost his life to Japan's deadliest dish?

Allegedly there is a marker put up by a pesticide company to show respect to all the bugs they've killed, but we never spotted it. There are also a few corporate plots. I wonder how many years you have to put in as a slave like salaryman for the Panasonic corporation before you get a spot in their plot? More pics up on flickr.

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